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A student visa is a special endorsement that is added to a passport that governments issue to students who are enrolled at qualified educational institutions. Student visas are non-immigrant visas that do not require the holder to obtain citizenship.
Any prospective student seeking higher education in another country must obtain a student visa for that country.
Most countries will issue student visas in order to allow foreign students to attend school within their borders. However, in most cases the student must be enrolled at a postsecondary institution of higher learning.
Foreign exchange students must therefore usually obtain a different type of visa, such as for temporary residence. In pursuit of high-quality education that is combined with practical training, Indian students are attracted to international students. Countries like Canada, Australia, United States, Germany and the United Kingdom have been the top preferences of Indian students when it comes to global studies.
As every country has its own criteria of admitting students and a set of immigration rules to be followed, this guide is being written with an aim to give you an understanding about each of them. However, before we get started with the detailed description of top countries student visas, lets first understand the major aspects of a student visa through frequently asked question.

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